Review policy

Review policy

After initial review by editors, articles are anonymised and sent to two peer reviewers who are asked to evaluate them as follows:

(Poor = 1, Marginal = 2, Adequate = 3, Good = 4, Excellent = 5)

Contribution to knowledge:

Coverage of literature:

Clarity of presentation:

Significance of topic:

Validity of conclusions:

Likely reader interest:


  1. Accept in present form.
    2. Accept conditionally; needs minor revision (see comments above).
    3. Revise and resubmit; this version is not acceptable, but a revised version could be (see comments).
    4. Reject; definitely not publishable.
    5. Inappropriate for Ata; suggest submission to: _____

Narrative evaluation of manuscript and suggestions for revision that will be available to the author.

Any comments for the Editors only (only use if absolutely necessary).

The reviewers’ comments are then reviewed by the editor(s) and passed on to the contributors.