An 89 year old goes to hospital (with thanks to John Bowlby, 1969)

  • Carol Worthington
Keywords: hospital, dying, euthanasia, life


In this reflection on living, dying and ageing, the author explores her encounter with different aspects of herself and others, evoked by a recent visit to hospital.

Author Biography

Carol Worthington

Carol Worthington has been a practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist for some 40 years; she holds a Ph.D. from Massey University (1977) and was a registered psychologist and member of the NZ Psychologists Association and of NZAP. She retired at Christmas 2019. Carol lives alone with a somewhat radical cat, the only surviving one of three. Before a fall in 2016, followed by pneumonia, she had been a keen gardener and an avid overseas traveller. She still writes letters to the Editor of the Dominion Post on political subjects, and has also

published articles in the Ata Journal (when it was named Forum), in 1999 and 2010. Carol was asked by the Wellington Branch of NZAP to present the story of how she became a psychotherapist, and this later appeared in the NZAP Newsletter (2018).

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Worthington, C. (2021). An 89 year old goes to hospital (with thanks to John Bowlby, 1969). Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa New Zealand, 25(1), 107-111.